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If you have a fascination with natural phenomena and find yourself constantly asking why? and how? then youre well on your way to being a scientist. We will help you ask the right questions about how the world works and then find the most rewarding answers. With an exciting and diverse range of subjects, Science at UCD unfolds a universe of career opportunities for students who have an enquiring mind, an ability to solve problems and a desire to explore new worlds.

UCD offers the broadest and most diverse Science programme in Ireland, with degree courses in biological, biomedical, chemical, geological, mathematical, physical and computer sciences, all delivered by lecturers at the forefront of teaching and research. After studying the foundations of science you will have the opportunity to specialise in areas such as Zoology, Pharmacology, Statistics, Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology, and Theoretical Physics. By fourth year you will conduct your own research and communicate your discoveries under the guidance of some of Ireland’s top scientists.

UCD graduates are in great demand in science-based employment both at home and abroad, and are equally sought after in other areas where there are requirements for rigorously trained, numerically competent and analytically proficient graduates. Many UCD Science graduates continue their studies at graduate level, through higher diplomas, master’s and PhD programmes in UCD and in other leading institutions throughout the world.
Understanding your degree

The UCD Science SCU1 course offers 26 subjects categorised into the following options:

    • Biological, Biomedical & Biomolecular Sciences (BBB)
      • Chemistry & Chemical Sciences (CCS)
        • Mathematical, Physical & Geological Sciences (MPG)
          • No Preference (NPF)

            Key points to note about SCU1 Science include:

            • If you know the stream you’re interested in studying, you can select it on your online application and you can focus on that area of study from first year
              • If you’re undecided about which stream to choose, you can select the No Preference option on your online application and sample subjects in the first semester, before making a decision
                • All SCU1 Science students are guaranteed a degree from within a stream of their choice
                  • You can study subjects from different streams in first year, e.g. Geology and Chemistry
                    • You can change your choice of stream in first year
                      • In addition, UCD Science offers a Bachelor of Actuarial & Financial Studies (BAFS) BSS3 and a BSc direct entry route for students who wish to specialise in Computer Science CSS1.
The following courses are available in this area:

ScienceSCU1 Actuarial & Financial StudiesBSS3 Applied & Computational MathematicsSCU1 Biochemistry and Molecular BiologySCU1 Cell & Molecular BiologySCU1 ChemistrySCU1 Chemistry with Biophysical ChemistrySCU1 Chemistry with Environmental and Sustainable ChemistrySCU1 Computer ScienceCSSA Environmental BiologySCU1 Financial MathematicsSCU1 GeneticsSCU1 GeologySCU1 MathematicsSCU1 Medicinal Chemistry and Chemistry BiologySCU1 MicrobiologySCU1 NeuroscienceSCU1 PharmacologySCU1 PhysicsSCU1 Physics with Astronomy & Space ScieceSCU1 PhysiologySCU1 Plant BiologySCU1 StatisticsSCU1 Theoretical PhysicsSCU1 ZoologySCU1 The first year of the SCU1 Science programme is designed to enable you to sample a number of subjects in your chosen area. There are core subjects required for all degrees, e.g. Mathematics, but you do not have to study all the Science subjects in first year. You could, for example, concentrate on one area, such as Physics, but you can also try subjects from anywhere within Science, including subjects you may not have studied before, such as Geology. The choices you make in first year will have a bearing on your final degree subject(s). In first year, students have a mixture of lectures and practical classes every day. Typically, lectures take place in the mornings and most practicals take place in the afternoons. In addition to the modules you must study within your Science degree, you take two modules called electives. You may choose these from anywhere across the University, including Science. Towards the end of first year, students choose a number of subjects to study in second year. Students will major in one of these subjects and will continue to study that subject in third and fourth year. Students who enter the direct entry courses of BSS3 (BAFS) and CSS1 (Computer Science) will be registered to the core modules they need for their chosen subject in each year of their degree. They can also study elective modules for the first three years of their degree.
Among our accomplished alumni of UCD Science are:
  • Dr Sheila Willis, Director of Forensic Laboratory
  • Conrad Burke, President & CEO of Innovalight
  • Hugh McCullough - Chief Executive, Glencar Mining PLC