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As an engineer, you will make a real difference in the world and be responsible for leading the way in finding solutions to real problems. Will you develop alternative or new sources of energy, invent life-saving medical devices or create new modes of communication? UCD Engineering offers a particularly wide range of engineering specialisations, from the traditional disciplines to new ones such as Biomedical and Energy Systems Engineering.

At UCD, we provide a first-class education across our engineering disciplines. Whatever the specialisation, we place considerable emphasis on the mastery of analytical skills and the use of quantitative methods. Study is based on solid mathematical, scientific and engineering principles. Essentially these are the fundamentals of engineering and they will enable you to navigate successfully through the challenges you will face.

We work with industry to ensure that our programmes produce graduates who are highly skilled and trained to address the problems which organisations and society face. This, coupled with the fact that our lecturers are recognised experts in specific fields, such as solar, wave and renewable energy, biomedical and structural engineering, makes UCD the first choice for anyone interested in engineering.
The following courses are available in this area:

EngineeringNUS1 Biomedical EngineeringNUS1 Chemical & Bioprocess EngineeringNUS1 Civil EngineeringNUS1 Electrical/Electronic EngineeringNUS1 Energy Systems EngineeringNUS1 Mechanical EngineeringNUS1 Structural Engineering with ArchitectureNUS1 As a UCD Engineering student, you'll enrol in a common first year, which allows you to gain an understanding of the many different engineering disciplines available, before being offered an unrestricted choice of specialisation*. We have the widest range of degree choices in the country and , after completing this common first year, you can choose from one of the courses. We provide a rigorous education in the fundamental engineering subjects and help you to develop problem-solving and design skills based on maths and physics. The range of study and career opportunities that can be accessed through our bachelor's and master's degree options is illustrated on the diagram here. You can choose a Bachelor of Engineering Science - BSc (three years) leading to a Master of Engineering-ME (two years). You can also pursue a Bachelor of Engineering - BE degree (four years). Since 2013, the educational standard for the professional title of Charted Engineering (Engineers Ireland) has been an accredited master's degree programme in engineering or equivalent. The BE degree (4 years) in Chemical Bioprocess Engineering is accredited at the master's level by the Institute of Chemical Engineers and satisfies the educational standard for the professional title of Charted Engineer (IChemE). *This choice does not apply to Structural Engineering with Architecture.
UCD is building an environment that will support researchers across a broad spectrum of disciplines and that encourages collaborative research. Several research institutes and centres have been established to provide state-of-the-art resources and a critical mass of academics, including
  • National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training
  • National Institute of Technology Management
  • UCD Conway Institute of Biomolecular and Biomedical Research
  • CASL Complex & Adaptive Systems Laboratory
  • With over 17,000 alumni, UCD College of Engineering and Architecture is one of the largest and most prestigious in the country.  We produce the most sought after engineering and architecture graduates, at home and abroad. For almost one-hundred years now, our students are leaving UCD armed with a Degree, which essentially becomes their passport for life and their ticket to becoming part of this unique network of alumni.

    Among our accomplished alumni of UCD Engineering are: