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School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Systems

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Course Title Award
Acute Mental Health Interventions (X715) ProfCert
Adult Cancer Nursing (X682) GradCert
Advance Practice (X728) MSc
Advanced Health Assessment (X707) ProfCert
Advanced Pain Management (X720) MSc
Advanced Pain Management with Prescriptive Authority (X719) MSc
Advanced Practice Prescribing Pathway (X699) MSc


Course Title Award
Breast Care Nursing (X684) GradCert


Course Title Award
Cancer Nursing (X546) GradDip
Children's Cancer Nursing (X683) GradCert
Chronic Illness Management (X808) GradDip
Clinical Practice (X701) MSc
Colorectal Nursing (X686) GradCert
Community Nursing (X712) ProfCert
Critical Care - Cardiovascular (X552) GradDip
Critical Care Nursing (X726) MSc
Critical Care Nursing (Cardiovascular) (X782) GradCert
Critical Care Nursing (Children) (X617) GradDip
Critical Care Nursing (Intensive Care) (X685) GradCert


Course Title Award
Diabetes Nursing (X548) GradDip


Course Title Award
Emergency Nursing (Adult) (X616) GradDip
Emergency Nursing (Children) (X615) GradDip
Enhancing Clinical Practice (X777) ProfCert
Examination of the Newborn (X753) ProfCert


Course Title Award
Introduction to Systematic Literature Reviews (X866) ProfCert


Course Title Award
Leadership & Management (X700) ProfDip
Leadership Innovation & Management (X840) GradCert
Lean Six Sigma for Healthcare (X717) GradDip


Course Title Award
Mental Health Nursing (X780) HDip
Mental Health Nursing (X863) HDip
Midwifery Practice (X703) MSc
Midwifery Practice (X704) MSc


Course Title Award
Nursing (X804) GradCert
Nursing Advanced-Practice (ANP) (X844) MSc
Nursing ICU (X547) GradDip
Nursing, Midwifery & Health Systems (X219) MSc
Nursing, Midwifery & Health Systems (X239) PhD


Course Title Award
Pain Management (X754) GradDip
Pain Management (X714) ProfCert
Palliative Care (X791) GradDip
Palliative Care (X790) MSc
Peri-Operative Nursing (X551) GradDip
Person Centered Care (Older People) (X562) GradDip
Person Centered Care (Older People) (X825) GradDip
Person Centred Care (Older Persons) (X645) MSc
Practice Development & Innovation in Healthcare (X806) MSc
Prescription of Ionizing Radiation (X706) ProfCert
Prescription of Medication (X642) ProfDip
Prescription of Medication & Ionizing Radiation (X694) UCert
Prescription of Medication & Ionizing Radiation (X696) UCert
Public Health (X759) MSc
Public Health Nursing (X035) GradDip


Course Title Award
Radiology (X819) GradDip