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Course Title Award
Accounting (B008) MAcc
Actuarial Science (F036) GradDip
Actuarial Science (F034) MSc
Acute Mental Health Interventions (X715) ProfCert
Advanced Business & Executive Coaching (B601)
Advanced Health Assessment (X707) ProfCert
Advanced Pain Management (X720) MSc
Advanced Pain Management with Prescriptive Authority (X719) MSc
Advanced Physiotherapy Studies (X453) GradCert
Advanced Physiotherapy Studies (X452) GradDip
Advanced Physiotherapy Studies (X372) MSc
Advanced Practice Prescribing Pathway (X699) MSc
Agricultural Extension and Innovation (D049) MAgrSc
American Politics & Foreign Policy (Z236) GradDip
American Politics & Foreign Policy (Z234) MA
American Studies (Z006) GradDip
American Studies (Z043) MA
Anglo-Irish Literature & Drama (Z011) MA
Applied Economics (W369) MSc
Applied Geospatial Analysis (W422) MSc
Applied Linguistics (Z229) GradDip
Applied Linguistics (Z227) MA
Applied Mathematics & Theoretical Physics (F124) MSc
Archaeology (Z210) GradDip
Archaeology (Z212) HDip
Archaeology (Z040) MA
Architecture (T273) MArch
Architecture (T290) ProfDip
Archives & Records Management (Z020) MA
Art History, Collections & Curating (Z344) MA
Aviation Finance (B531) MSc


Course Title Award
Behavioural Economics (W376) MSc
Bioeconomy with Business (T326) MSc
Biological and Biomolecular Science (F104) MSc
Biomedical Engineering (T160) ME
Biopharmaceutical Engineering (T070) MEngSc
Biopharmaceutical Engineering (T015) MEngSc
Biostatistics (X845) ProfCert
Biosystems & Food Engineering (T299) ME
Biotechnology (X439) MSc
Biotechnology & Business (X447) MSc
Biotherapeutics (F102) MSc
Biotherapeutics and Business (F103) MSc
Business & Executive Coaching (B246)
Business Administration (B009) MBA
Business Administration (B036) MBA
Business Analytics (B154) MSc
Business Finance (B585)
Business Sustainability (B564)


Course Title Award
Cancer Nursing (X546) GradDip
Chemical Engineering (T218) MEngSc
Chemistry (F042) MSc
Child Art Psychotherapy (X348) MSc
Child Protection (X676) ProfCert
Child Welfare & Protection (X742) GradDip
Child Welfare & Protection (X729) MSc
Children & Youth Studies (W242) MSc
Chronic Illness Management (X808) GradDip
Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering (T298) ME
Classics (Z044) MA
Climate Change: Science & Impacts (F112) MSc
Clinical & Diagnostic Biochemistry (X874) MSc
Clinical & Translational Research (X787) GradCert
Clinical & Translational Research (X789) MSc
Clinical Dermatology (X877) ProfCert
Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics (X820) MSc
Clinical Practice (X701) MSc
Coaching Science in Sport (X772) MSc
Cognitive Science (T023) MSc
Cognitive Science (W358) MSc
Common Law (B209) MCL
Communication & Media (W442) GradDip
Communication & Media (W440) MSc
Community Nursing (X712) ProfCert
Comparative Social Change (W360) MSc
Computational Physics (F120) MSc
Computed Tomography (X021) GradDip
Computed Tomography (X075) MSc
Computer Science (T150) MSc
Computer Science (Conversion) (T195) MSc
Consciousness & Embodiment (W309) MA
Contemporary European Philosophy (W456) MA
Corporate Governance (B245)
Creative Writing (Z012) MA
Creative Writing (Z197) MFA
Creativity, Innovation & Leadership (F158) ProfDip
Creativity, Innovation & Leadership (F171) ProfDip
Creativity, Innovation & Leadership (F170) ProfDip
Criminology & Criminal Justice (B292) LLM
Criminology & Criminal Justice (B220) MSc
Critical Care - Cardiovascular (X552) GradDip
Critical Care Nursing (X726) MSc
Critical Care Nursing (Cardiovascular) (X782) GradCert
Critical Care Nursing (Children) (X617) GradDip
Critical Care Nursing (Intensive Care) (X685) GradCert
Cultural Policy & Arts Management (Z245) GradDip
Cultural Policy & Arts Management (Z041) MA


Course Title Award
Dairy Herd Health (X389) GradCert
Data & Computational Science (T306) MSc
Data Analytics (F084) MSc
Data Analytics (F057) ProfDip
Data Journalism (W386) ProfCert
Demographic and Population Analytics (W400) MSc
Demographic and Population Analytics (W401) MSc
Dermatology Nursing (X879) GradDip
Development Practice (W412) MPA
Development and the Global South (W445) MSc
Diabetes Nursing (X548) GradDip
Digital Information Management (W414) GradCert
Digital Information Management (W405) GradDip
Digital Information Management (W406) GradDip
Digital Information Management (W403) MSc
Digital Information Management (W404) MSc
Digital Information Management (W447) ProfCert
Digital Information Management (W421) ProfCert
Digital Innovation (B551) MSc
Digital Marketing (B424) MSc
Drama & Performance Studies (Z014) MA


Course Title Award
EMS (IC) (X880) ProfDip
Early Pregnancy Ultrasound (X734) ProfCert
Economics (W015) HDip
Education (W027) MA
Education (W030) MEd
Education (W327) ProfMasters
Education - Leadership (W342) ProfDip
Education Studies (W314) ProfDip
Electrical Energy Engineering (T274) ME
Electrical Power Engineering (T335) ME
Electronic & Computer Engineering (T257) MEngSc
Electronic and Computer (T163) ME
Emergency Medical Sciences (X490) MSc
Emergency Medical Sciences (Immediate Care) (X425) MSc
Emergency Nursing (Adult) (X616) GradDip
Emergency Nursing (Children) (X615) GradDip
Employment Law (B060) ProfDip
Energy Systems (T164) ME
Engineering Management (T288) MEngSc
Engineering with Business (T166) ME
Entrepreneurial Educators (F067) ProfCert
Entrepreneurial Educators (F068) ProfDip
Environmental Management (X653) ProfCert
Environmental Policy (W269) MSc
Environmental Resource Management (X089) MSc(Agr)
Environmental Science (X062) MSc
Environmental Sustainability (F065) GradCert
Environmental Sustainability (F063) GradDip
Environmental Sustainability (F058) MSc
Environmental Technology (X565) MSc
Epidemiology & Biostatistics (X794) ProfCert
Equality Studies (W395) GradDip
Equality Studies (W105) MSc
Equine Sports Medicine (D053) GradCert
Ethics: Theory and Practice (W398) MA
European Governance (W351) MSc
European History (Z222) MA
European Law & Public Affairs (B300) LLM
European Politics & Policy (W346) MA
European Politics & Policy (W344) MSc
European Public Affairs & Law (W216) MEconSc
Examination of the Newborn (X753) ProfCert
Executive (B012) MBA
Experimental Archaeology & Material Culture (W373) GradDip
Experimental Archaeology & Material Culture (W349) MSc
Experimental Physiology (X846) MSc


Course Title Award
Fertility Ultrasound (X471) GradCert
Fetal Wellbeing Ultrasound (X736) ProfCert
Film Studies (Z032) MA
Finance (B269) MSc
Food Business Strategy (D042) MSc
Food Engineering (X082) MEngSc
Food Regulatory Affairs (X307) GradCert
Food Regulatory Affairs (X306) GradDip
Food Regulatory Affairs (X305) MSc
Food Regulatory Affairs VPH (X607) MSc
Food, Nutrition & Health (X621) GradCert
Food, Nutrition & Health (X620) GradDip
Food, Nutrition & Health (X436) MSc
Forensic Computing & Cybercrime Investigation (F007) GradCert
Forensic Computing and Cyber Crime Investigation (T235) GradDip
Forensic Computing and Cybercrime Investigation (T146) MSc


Course Title Award
Gender Studies (W381) GradDip
Gender Studies (W383) MA
Gender, Politics and International Relations (W458) MA
Gender, Sexuality & Culture (Z162) MA
Geography (W051) MA
Geopolitics & the Global Economy (W262) MA
Global Change: Ecosystem Science & Policy (F038) MSc
Global History (Z347) MA
Group Analytic Psychotherapy (X168) MSc


Course Title Award
Health Promotion for Nutrition Professionals (X795) ProfCert
Healthcare Management Practice (B374) ProfCert
History (Z160) GradDip
History of Welfare & Medicine in Society (Z240) MA
Human Resources (B265) MSc
Human Rights (W035) MSc
Humanitarian Action (D062) MSc
Humanitarian Action (D061) MSc


Course Title Award
Inclusive & Special Education (W424) GradDip
Inclusive Education (W425) MEd
Information Studies (W020) MA
Information Systems (W329) GradDip
Information Systems (W267) MSc
Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Enterprise (F027) GradCert
Intellectual Property & Information Technology (B296) LLM
International Business (B263) MSc
International Commercial Law (B453) LLM
International Development (W299) GradDip
International Development (W301) MA
International Development (W303) MSc
International Financial Services Law (W388) LLM
International Health (X498) MPH
International Human Rights (B440) LLM
International Law & Business (B438) MSc
International Management (B033) MSc
International Political Economy (W290) MA
International Political Economy (W293) MSc
International Relations (W235) MA
International Relations (W036) MSc
International War Studies (Z258) MA
Interventional Imaging and Practice (X662) GradCert
Intravenous Cannulation and Administration (X572) ProfCert
Introduction to Systematic Literature Reviews (X866) ProfCert
Irish Folklore (Z086) HDip
Irish Folklore (Z257) HDip
Irish Folklore & Ethnology (Z255) GradDip
Irish Folklore & Ethnology (Z253) MA
Irish History (Z264) MA
Irish Literature and Culture (Z349) MA
Irish Studies (Z195) MA


Course Title Award
Landscape Architecture (X051) MLArch
Landscape Studies (T296) MArchSc
Law (B294) LLM
Law (B388) ProfCert
Law (B389) ProfDip
Leadership (W328) MEd
Leadership & Management (X700) ProfDip
Leadership Development (B563)
Leadership Innovation & Management (X840) GradCert
Leadership Management Practice (B519) MSc
Lean Six Sigma for Healthcare (X717) GradDip
Library & Information Studies (W041) GradDip
Library & Information Studies (W006) MLIS
Linguistics (Z003) GradDip
Linguistics (Z028) MA
Literature & Culture (Z251) MA


Course Title Award
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (X022) GradDip
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (X076) MSc
Management (T169) ME
Management (B429) MSc
Management (Food Engineering) (T320) ME
Management Consultancy (B261) MSc
Marketing (B259) MSc
Marketing & Retail Innovation (B658) MSc
Marketing Practice (B025) MSc
Materials Science & Engineering (T275) ME
Materials Science and Engineering (T286) MEngSc
Mathematical Science (T011) HDip
Mathematical Science (T017) MSc
Mathematical Studies (T172) HDip
Mathematics (F081) MA
Mathematics & Science Education (W397) MSc
Mechanical Engineering (T165) ME
Media & International Conflict (Z193) GradDip
Media & International Conflict (Z137) MA
Medical Imaging (X677) MSc
Medico-Legal Aspects of Healthcare (X673) ProfCert
Medieval Studies (Z182) MA
Mental Health Nursing (X780) HDip
Mental Health Nursing (X863) HDip
Middle East Politics (W393) MA
Midwifery Practice (X704) MSc
Mindfulness Based Interventions (W323) MSc
Modern Languages (Z202) MA
Musicology (Z045) MMus


Course Title Award
NanoBio Science (T149) MSc
Nanomaterials Chemistry (F106) MSc
Nanotechnology (F122) MSc
Non Accidental Injury (X671) ProfCert
Nua-Ghaeilge (Z181) GradDip
Nua-Ghaeilge (Z263) GradDip
Nua-Ghaeilge (Z029) MA
Nursing - Advanced Practice (ANP) (X844) MSc
Nursing ICU (X547) GradDip


Course Title Award
Obstetric Ultrasound (X530) GradCert
Obstetric Ultrasound (X737) ProfCert
Obstetric Ultrasound (X735) ProfDip
Occupational Safety & Health (X375) GradDip
Occupational Safety & Health (X373) MSc
Optical Engineering (T319) ME
Organisational Change & Transformation (B603)


Course Title Award
Paediatric Radiography (X582) GradCert
Pain Management (X754) GradDip
Pain Management (X714) ProfCert
Palliative Care (X791) GradDip
Palliative Care (X790) MSc
Peace and Conflict (W410) MA
Peace and Conflict (W408) MSc
Person Centered Care (Older People) (X562) GradDip
Person Centered Care (Older People) (X825) GradDip
Person Centred Care (Older Persons) (X645) MSc
Petroleum Geoscience (F056) MSc
Philosophy (W226) GradDip
Philosophy (W021) MA
Philosophy & Literature (W305) GradDip
Philosophy & Literature (W179) MA
Philosophy & Public Affairs (W307) GradDip
Philosophy & Public Affairs (W182) MA
Physics (F092) GradCert
Physics (F093) GradDip
Physics (F012) MSc
Physiotherapy (X784) ProfMasters
Planning, Development & Urban Design (T324) MSc
Plant Biology & Biotechnology (F080) MSc
Political Theory (W277) MA
Politics (W023) MA
Politics (W233) MSc
Politics & International Relations (W231) GradDip
Politics & International Relations (W292) MA
Primary Care (Mental Healthcare) (X876) MSc
Primary Care (Orthopaedics & Musculoskeletal Medicine) (X875) MSc
Professional Regulation (B539) ProfDip
Project Management (B257) MSc
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (X167) MSc
Psychoanalytic Studies (X667) GradDip
Psychological Science (W241) MPsychSc
Psychology (W014) HDip
Public Health (X065) MPH
Public Health (X759) MSc
Public Health (Nutrition) (X299) MPH
Public Health Nursing (X035) GradDip
Public History (Z247) MA
Public Policy (W315) GradDip
Public Policy (W279) MPP


Course Title Award
Quantitative Economics (W352) MSc
Quantitative Finance (B158) MSc


Course Title Award
Race, Migration & Decolonial Studies (W432) GradDip
Race, Migration & Decolonial Studies (W430) MA
Radiation Safety (X403) ProfCert
Radiation Safety (X659) ProfCert
Radiology (X819) GradDip
Radiology Information Systems & Picture Archiving & Com Sys Mgmt (X392) GradCert
Regional & Urban Planning (W032) MRUP
Regulatory Affairs and Toxicology (F167) MSc
Rehabilitation & Disability Studies (W162) MSc
Renewable Energy & Environmental Finance (B647) MSc
Risk Management & Quality (X257) GradDip
Risk Management & Quality (X258) MSc
Rural Environmental Conservation & Management (D055) GradDip
Rural Environmental Conservation & Management (D054) MSc(Agr)


Course Title Award
School Leadership (W448) GradDip
Scríobh & Cumarsáid na Gaeilge (Z165) GradDip
Scríobh & Cumarsáid na Gaeilge (Z030) MA
Small Animal Medicine (D044) GradCert
Social Data Analytics (W390) MSc
Social Justice (W217) ProfCert
Social Policy (W050) HDip
Social Work (W426) ProfMasters
Sociology (W438) MA
Sociology (W436) MSc
Space Science & Technology (F060) MSc
Spinal Studies (X869) ProfCert
Sport Management (Sport) (X762) MSc
Sports Physiotherapy (X013) MSc
Statistics (T013) HDip
Statistics (F043) MA
Statistics (T020) MSc
Strategic Growth (Biotech and Pharma Industry) (B596)
Strategic Management & Planning (B255) MSc
Strategic Management Accounting (B410) MSc
Strategy, Development & Innovation (B599)
Structural Engineering (T279) MEngSc
Supply Chain Management (B253) MSc
Sustainable Agriculture & Rural Development (X390) GradCert
Sustainable Agriculture & Rural Development (X449) GradDip
Sustainable Agriculture & Rural Development (X376) MSc(Agr)
Sustainable Energy & Green Technologies (X413) MSc
Synthetic Chemistry (F105) MSc
Systemic Psychotherapy (X437) MSc


Course Title Award
TESOL (Z173) GradDip
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (Z155) MA
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (Z355) ProfCert
Team Coaching (B617)
Theatre Practice (Z243) MA
Toxicology (F052) ProfCert
Toxicology (F132) ProfDip
Training on Experimental Animal Use, Regulations & Procedures (D048) ProfCert


Course Title Award
Ultrasound (X545) MSc
University Teaching & Learning (U006) Cert CPD
University Teaching & Learning (U011) ProfCert
University Teaching & Learning (U005) ProfCert
University Teaching & Learning (U004) ProfDip
Urban Design & Planning (W332) MSc
Urban Environment (W341) MSc


Course Title Award
Veterinary Public Health (X304) GradCert


Course Title Award
Water, Waste & Environmental Engineering (T277) MEngSc
Wildlife Conservation & Management (D027) MSc
Women and Substance Use (W402) ProfCert
World Heritage Conservation (F040) GradCert
World Heritage Conservation (F041) GradDip
World Heritage Conservation (F091) MSc
World Heritage Management (X139) GradDip
World Heritage Management & Conservation (F098) MSc
Writing for Stage & Screen (Z353) GradDip
Writing for Stage & Screen (Z351) MA
Writing for Theatre (Z249) MA