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Course Title Award
Agriculture & Food Science (D005) MAgrSc
Agriculture & Food Science (D017) MSc
Agriculture & Food Science (D021) MSc(Agr)
Agriculture & Food Science (D001) PhD
American Studies (Z135) PhD
Archaeology (Z107) MLitt
Archaeology (Z117) PhD
Architecture (T256) MArchSc
Architecture (T180) PhD
Art History & Cultural Policy (Z108) MLitt
Art History & Cultural Policy (Z119) PhD


Course Title Award
(Bio)pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences (X331) PhD
Bioinformatics and Systems Biology (X245) PhD
Biological & Environmental Science (X215) MSc
Biological & Environmental Science (X231) PhD
Biomolecular & Biomedical Science (X216) MSc
Biomolecular & Biomedical Science (X233) PhD
Biosystems & Food Engineering (T248) MEngSc
Biosystems & Food Engineering (T266) MSc
Biosystems & Food Engineering (T238) PhD
Biotechnology (F107) PhD
Business (B136) MPhil
Business (B146) MPhil
Business (B140) PhD


Course Title Award
Chemical & Bioprocess Engineering (T099) MEngSc
Chemical & Bioprocess Engineering (T111) PhD
Chemistry (X217) MSc
Chemistry (Bionano Interactions) (X847) PhD
Chemistry (Dublin Chemistry) (X848) PhD
Children & Youth Studies (W244) PhD
Civil Engineering (T250) MEngSc
Civil Engineering (T240) PhD
Classics (Z109) MLitt
Classics (Z121) PhD
Clinical Psychology (W324) PhD
Cognitive Science (T221) PhD
Complex Systems & Computational Social Science (W198) PhD
Computational Infection Biology (F019) PhD
Computer Science (T102) MSc
Computer Science (T113) PhD


Course Title Award
Earth & Natural Sciences (F018) PhD
Earth Sciences (T104) MSc
Earth Sciences (T117) PhD
Economics (W115) MLitt
Economics (W133) PhD
Education & Lifelong Learning (W116) MLitt
Education & Lifelong Learning (W135) PhD
Educational Psychology (W334) DEdPsy
Electrical & Electronic Engineering (T252) MEngSc
Electrical & Electronic Engineering (T242) PhD
English, Drama & Film (Z110) MLitt
English, Drama & Film (Z123) PhD
European Governance & Law (B144) PhD


Course Title Award
Geography (W117) MLitt
Geography (W124) MSc
Geography (W137) PhD
Global Human Development (W204) PhD


Course Title Award
History (Z111) MLitt
History (Z125) PhD
Housing Design (T315) MArchSc


Course Title Award
Inclusive Design & Creative Technology Innovation (T310) PhD
Infection Biology (X810) PhD
Infection Biology (X812) PhD
Infection Biology (X814) PhD
Infection Biology (X816) PhD
Infection Biology (X252) PhD
Information & Communication Studies (W118) MLitt
Information & Communication Studies (W139) PhD
Irish, Celtic Studies & Folklore (Z112) MLitt
Irish, Celtic Studies & Folklore (Z216) MLitt
Irish, Celtic Studies & Folklore (Z127) PhD


Course Title Award
Languages, Cultures & Linguistics (Z113) MLitt
Languages, Cultures & Linguistics (Z129) PhD
Law (B142) PhD


Course Title Award
Mathematics & Statistics (T105) MSc
Mathematics & Statistics (T119) PhD
Mechanical & Materials Engineering (T254) MEngSc
Mechanical & Materials Engineering (T244) PhD
Medicine (X213) MAO
Medicine (X224) MCh
Medicine (X134) MD
Medicine (X237) PhD
Molecular & Cellular Biology of Inflammation (D028) PhD
Molecular Medicine Ireland Clinical & Translational Research (X507) PhD
Music (Z114) MLitt
Music (Z131) PhD


Course Title Award
Neuroscience (X394) PhD
Nursing, Midwifery & Health Systems (X219) MSc
Nursing, Midwifery & Health Systems (X239) PhD


Course Title Award
Philosophy (W119) MLitt
Philosophy (W141) PhD
Physics (T103) MSc
Physics (F010) PhD
Politics & International Relations (W143) PhD
Psychology (W121) MLitt
Psychology (W145) PhD
Public Health, Physiotherapy & Sports Science (X431) MSc
Public Health, Physiotherapy & Sports Science (X433) PhD
Public Policy (W151) PhD


Course Title Award
Quantitative Social Sciences (W176) PhD


Course Title Award
Reproductive Biology (X333) PhD


Course Title Award
Simulation Science (F011) PhD
Social Justice (W371) PhD
Social Policy (W365) PhD
Social Policy, Social Work & Social Justice (W128) MSocSc
Social Work (W367) PhD
Sociology (W123) MLitt
Sociology (W149) PhD
Software Engineering (T129) PhD
Sustainable Development (T123) PhD


Course Title Award
Translational Medicine (X253) PhD


Course Title Award
Urban & Building Conservation (T044) MUBC
Urban Design (T060) MSc


Course Title Award
Veterinary Medical Specialisation (D031) DVMS
Veterinary Medicine (D011) MAnSc
Veterinary Medicine (D019) MSc
Veterinary Medicine (D025) MVM
Veterinary Medicine (D003) PhD


Course Title Award
World Heritage (W427) PhD