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Course Title Award
Actuarial Science (F036) GradDip
Actuarial Science (F034) MSc
Applied Mathematics & Theoretical Physics (F124) MSc


Course Title Award
(Bio)pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences (X331) PhD
Biological & Environmental Science (X215) MSc
Biological & Environmental Science (X231) PhD
Biological and Biomolecular Science (F104) MSc
Biomolecular & Biomedical Science (X216) MSc
Biomolecular & Biomedical Science (X233) PhD
Biotechnology (X439) MSc
Biotechnology (F107) PhD
Biotechnology & Business (X447) MSc
Biotherapeutics (F102) MSc
Biotherapeutics and Business (F103) MSc


Course Title Award
Chemistry (X217) MSc
Chemistry (F042) MSc
Chemistry (X235) PhD
Climate Change: Science & Impacts (F112) MSc
Cognitive Science (T023) MSc
Cognitive Science (T221) PhD
Computational Infection Biology (F019) PhD
Computational Physics (F120) MSc
Computer Science (T102) MSc
Computer Science (T150) MSc
Computer Science (T113) PhD
Computer Science (Conversion) (T195) MSc


Course Title Award
Data & Computational Science (T306) MSc
Diagnostic Imaging Physics (F188) ProfCert
Dublin Chemistry (X255) PhD


Course Title Award
Earth & Natural Sciences (F018) PhD
Earth Sciences (T104) MSc
Earth Sciences (T117) PhD
Environmental Science (X062) MSc
Environmental Sustainability (F065) GradCert
Environmental Sustainability (F063) GradDip
Environmental Sustainability (F058) MSc


Course Title Award
Financial Mathematics (T341) MSc
Forensic Computing and Cyber Crime Investigation (T235) GradDip
Forensic Computing and Cybercrime Investigation (T146) MSc


Course Title Award
Global Change: Ecosystem Science & Policy (F038) MSc


Course Title Award
Infection Biology (X814) PhD


Course Title Award
Mathematical Science (T011) HDip
Mathematical Science (T017) MSc
Mathematical Studies (T172) HDip
Mathematics & Statistics (T105) MSc
Mathematics & Statistics (T119) PhD
Medical Physics (T344) GradDip
Medical Physics (T342) MSc


Course Title Award
NanoBio Science (T149) MSc
Nanomaterials Chemistry (F106) MSc
Nanotechnology (F122) MSc
Neuroscience (X394) PhD


Course Title Award
Physics (T103) MSc
Physics (F012) MSc
Physics (F010) PhD
Plant Biology & Biotechnology (F080) MSc


Course Title Award
Radiation Oncology Physics (F187) ProfCert
Radiation Physics & Dosimetry (F184) ProfCert
Radiation Protection Physics & Dosimetry (F185) ProfCert
Radiation Protection Physics & Radiobiology (F186) ProfCert
Regulatory Affairs and Toxicology (F167) MSc


Course Title Award
Simulation Science (F011) PhD
Software Engineering (T129) PhD
Space Science & Technology (F060) MSc
Statistics (T013) HDip
Statistics (F043) MA
Statistics (T020) MSc
Subsurface Characterisation & Geomodelling (F181) MSc
Synthetic Chemistry (F105) MSc


Course Title Award
Toxicology (F132) ProfDip